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FLOW conferences

Start conference:
27th - 28th August 2018, Copenhagen
(Organised by Christian Albrekt Larsen / Henning Steen Hansen)

Midway conference:
12th - 13th 2020, Aalborg
(Organised by Thmoas Bredgaard / Trine Lund Thomsen / Martin Bak Jørgensen)
Preliminary program

End conference:
20th - 21th of May 2021, Copenhagen
(Organised by Mette Burchardt / Christian Albrekt Larsen)


FLOW meetings are held first Wednesday in every month 14.00 – 16.00

Virtual location:  Virtual meeting room 7505001@v.aau.dk (see videokonference.aau.dk if you join from your own computer). Physical location: Fibigerstræde 1, room 37 (Aalborg). 

6th of August: 9.30 - 15.30: FLOW/CCWS Rainer Bauböck seminar. See program.
(Summer come together 16.00 -  at Christians Vonsyldsgade 29)

3th of June: 14 - 15.30:
​Discussion of introduction chapter to book project.

1st of May: 14 - 15.30: Presentation Vadims. Narrative of migration and the welfare state

3th of April 2019: Presentation. Conjoint survey experiment on majority attitudes

6th of March: 14 - 15.30: 

6th of February 2019: 14 - 15.30

16th of January 2019: 14 - 15.30
Contributions from subprojects to answer overall FLOW research question

5th of December 2018
9-12: Aalborg without ghettos. (In Danish, no vidoelink to CPH). See program.
Arranged by Karen Nielsen Breidahl
14-16: Interdisciplinarity: What is it? And how do we do it?. See program.
Arranged by Thomas Bredgaard and Mette Buchardt
17-19: Christmas dinns at Kniv og Gaffel 

7th of November 2018
Qualitative interviews and the FLOW-project
Arranged by Trine Lund Thomsen and Karen Nielsen Breidahl.

3th of October 2018
Push, pull, diasporas and categories
Arranged by Lanciné Diop Christensen, Lena E. Erika and Christian A. Larsen

5th of September 2018
Internal organization 

6th of June 2018:
Migration flows (work package 1). Chair Henning Steen Hansen 

2th of May 2018 
External funding. Chair Christian Albrekt Larsen

4th of April 2018
Labour Market integration (project 3.1). Chair Thomas Bredgaard / Trine Lund Thomsen

7th of Marts 2018
The Goverment's "parallel society policy strategy". Chair Christian Albrekt Larsen

7th of February 2018
The socio-cultural integration of migrants (project 2.2). Chair Christian Albrekt Larsen