FLOW’s research groups and principal investigator – excellence and interdisciplinarity

FLOW is one of five interdisciplinary research projects selected by the AAU’s Executive Management in late 2017. The selection is inspired by Horizon 2020 and FORSK2025. 

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FLOW is an interdisciplinary meeting place for geographers (Technical Faculty of IT and Design), welfare and labour market researchers (Faculty of Social Sciences), migration researchers (Faculty of Social Sciences/Faculty of Humanities) and education historians and education ethnographers (Faculty of Humanities).

  • CCWS (led by Christian Albrekt Larsen, Jørgen Goul Andersen, Karen Nielsen Breidahl, Kristian Kongshøj and Troels Fage Hedegaard; the Faculty of Social Sciences) is a leading centre for comparative welfare studies. CCWS will contribute to the project with analyses of the consequence on socioeconomics, the political support for the welfare state and wider goals for social cohesion
  • CoMID (led by Trine Lund Thomsen and Martin Bak Jørgensen; the Faculty of Humanities/the Faculty of Social Sciences) is a recognised research centre conducting research within migration and integration processes. CoMID will contribute to the project with analyses of the causes of migration and the migrants’ encounters with and experience of North European societies.
  • RUG (led by Henning Sten Hansen, Carsten Kessler and Lise Schrøder; Technical Faculty of IT and Design) possesses great expertise within geo-informatics, climate change and simulation models. RUG will contribute to FLOW with knowledge of future climate conditions and expected resulting migration patterns and will develop a simulation programme for migration flows.
  • CARMA (led by Thomas Bredgaard; the Faculty of Social Sciences) is an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on the operating principles of the labour market. CARMA will contribute with analyses on the consequences of migration on the labour market and the conditions for the integration of migrants in the labour market.
  • CfU (led by Mette Buchardt; the Faculty of Humanities) is an interdisciplinary centre conducting research in the development and implementation of study programmes and education policies in the European welfare states. CfU contributes with historical and ethnographic knowledge about the policy strategies of the education system as regards immigration with a view to ensuring an improved policy and efficient implementation locally.

Principal investigator Christian Albrekt Larsen is a professor in comparative welfare studies, holds a higher doctoral degree in sociology, is the research leader of CCW, a former sapere aude research leader in the Danish Council for Independent Research and a current member of the Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences.